How bw shop Helps

Create Your Shop

Register yourself as a shop and create a shop to showcase your products.

Upload Products

Click a few high-quality pictures of your products and upload these pictures and details of your products on your created account. Do not forget to mention all the dimensions, color, sizes and other aspects of your product.

Start Getting Orders

Chances of getting orders can be increased significantly by describing and displaying your products properly, adding video tutorials and reviews of the previous buyers.

Collect Payments

bw shop offers fast, easy and safest ways for you to collect your payments. Select your preferred mode to receive your payments and start getting your cash instantly.

Why With bw shop

Open your shop within 5 minutes

We make this process of Online earning too convenient so that anyone can start in just 5 minutes.

Shop Management Dashboard

Easiest order tracking and sales measures dashboard for shop owners.

Products will be displayed in both shop and mall

You will get orders 2 ways from bw shop mall and from your own shop too. It will maximize your customer strength.

Permote your shop’s URL by your self

No need to become dependent on the Online store Now, you have rights to promote your own standalone URL anywhere.

Your products will be displayed in feature deals

The products bw shop shows on its home page and on the top in every page these are Featured products

Customers can directily contact with shop owner

Shop owners can directly contact customers and collect their feedback.

Manage your shop inventory in easiest way

Inventory management is so smooth in bw shop shop that anyone can manage this easily.

bw shop will create your product videos

Farohs provides its users the facility of product videos to define more descriptively their products to increase customer trust in their shop.

Unlimited upload your Products

No need to calculate your product's amount and upload unlimited products to sell on bw shop.

Content writing for your product

If you don't want to write about your product. We’ll do that for you!

Photoshoot of your product

We’ll beautify your products with the art of photography and this will boost your sales.

Product boost on social media & google

What's a product boost? It's the Social media Advertisement that increases your sales.

Contact info & address display on shop

You are able to show your shop details only on bw shop to create your own audience for sale.

Shop verified seal will display

Do you know? Customers only buy things online only if they feel safe and this verification seal informs users that this seller has an authenticated shop. Congrats you’ll get that.

Get email and number alert notification

You’ll get all the important messages and notifications via email and sms.

Shop Guide

How to start your free online shop?

The shop opening is so easy that anyone can do it! But, no need to worry at all if you want to register your shop on bw shop you can just read the pdf guide or can watch a short video down below. If you find these both things quite difficult, consult with our relationship support team and they will create a shop account for your convenience.